Bryant Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

I need your help with Bryant air conditioner troubleshooting.

If the unit won’t start, the first thing I’d check is the thermostat, to see if you didn’t flip it over to cool.

I checked that, and it is set to AC mode, and no one else turned up the thermostat to save power.

If the thing won’t start, then it may be the capacitor. You can try to fix that yourself with a starter cap kit.

I know there are online videos on how to do that, but I’m not going to try it myself.

At least that’s a cheap thing to try, before you assume that there’s an electrical problem, or worse yet, motor that’s burned out.

The thing does make a lot of noise.

That’s actually standard for Bryant ACs.

Its been working just as hard if not harder, but the air conditioning quality has gone down.

Their coils leak badly, and the general solution is replacing them. Then again, it is just as likely to leak from the compressor, the valves and anywhere else.

I cannot replace the whole AC.

Technically, that is a solution.

How can I tell where the leak actually is?

You can pay someone to come out and recharge the refrigerant levels before checking for the leak. They tend to do that with a dye test and look for where the purple or some other bright color leaks out.

That’s just as expensive, if not more so than the refrigerant.

If the unit is freezing over, thaw it out by running it on fan only, then see where it freezes first. Or clean it, dry it out, then see where it condenses water first, since the bubbles will show you where the leak is.

That does not work if it is a leaky valve.

If it is banging or popping around the condenser, you can guess that the leak is either in the condenser or valve near it.

I cannot tell the condenser from the compressor. It’s just a lot of different noises to me.

If it had a burning smell, I’d say there was an electrical problem, or icing up from a refrigerant leak so bad it had to defrost the coil.

The only thing burning up in my house is the occupants.

If it was a mildew smell, you’ve got a water accumulation from a refrigerant leak, water build up from a drain pan crack or drain pipe blockage or dirty air filters not letting the moisture get carried away via air flow.

At least air filters I can replace myself.

And dirty filters could impede air flow so much it cannot cool things down very well. If there’s mold in the unit too, you could run bleach water down the drain hose or make sure it is not blocked.

I never thought I’d have to add cleaning the AC to my list of chores.